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When your workout is done

EAS has a line of commercials featuring Chase Utley and Matt Hassleback who talk about finishing their workout with an EAS supplement. The commercial, of course, is marketing hype, but the message is accurate: when you finish a workout, you need to replenish and refuel your system.

Substantial research in the past fifteen years demonstrates that replacing calories promptly after exertion optimizes recovery by bolstering the immune system, staving off catabolism (the metabolic breakdown of living tissue in a protein-deprived state), and increasing muscle glycogen storage. The research (published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, and The Journal of Applied Physiology) shows that by two hours after a tough workout, this nutrition-based recovery opportunity is reduced by 50%. The studies suggest that a smart recovery plan involves immediate post-workout rehydration, combined with at least 400 easily digested calories in a carbohydrate:protein ratio of about 4:1. Smoothies, chocolate milk, bagels, and fortified sports bars and gels are all worth consideration. Anything is better than nothing.

You don’t need EAS. But, you do need to finish your workout with something to eat or drink to replenish your system and aid your post-workout recovery.

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