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About Us

ball handling session editThank you for visiting TrainForHoops.com.

TrainforHoops was founded before its time. Before the iphone and apps, TrainforHoops was created as an online basketball trainer to give aspiring players direction and instruction. It was the vision of Ceasor Dennis to create a site where aspiring players with the motivation to improve, but without the knowledge of what to do, could access cutting edge training information produced by performance director Brian McCormick. Ceasor had the desire as a child and teen, but nowhere to turn to find the right training program. TrainforHoops attempted to fill that void.

In the ’10s, basketball trainers are ubiquitous. Therefore, TrainforHoops has changed its mission to accomplish two goals: (1) disseminate high-quality basketball-training information to players, parents, trainers, and coaches; and (2) help players and parents find quality basketball trainers in their neighborhood.

To become a great basketball player, one needs deliberate practice. One tenet of deliberate practice is informed feedback. No internet app can provide this feedback. Therefore, to continue to help players with the motivation to improve, we aspire to connect players and trainers through our site.

We will continue to feature articles and blogs pertaining to basketball training, and we will highlight trainers across the globe, helping players and parents to sift through the advertisements, tweets, and forum posts to find a trusted, reliable, talented trainer for every player in every location.