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Joakim Noah’s Greatness

People hate Joakim Noah because of the way he looks and the exuberance that he shows on the court. But, he is an example of a player who made and excels in the NBA due to his motivation, effort and determination.

Most people believe in his superior gene pool as the son of a French Open champion and a Swedish supermodel. But, he was never a naturally gifted player.

He had long hair like he does now, he’s always had long hair, I think it was a French thing, I always wondered why he never got braces, lol. Joakim looked like a girl, that is how small he was.

He grew up among great players, but he was never the highly touted superstar, despite his legacy.

Those were the days when the world would crumble at Lenny Cooke’s feet, the man who was talked about more than Lebron James. The world was at Charlie Villanueva’s feet, Sebastian Telfair, J.R. Smith, but no one ever mention Joakim Noah.

While Villanueva, Telfair and Smith have had varying degrees of success, Noah won two NCAA Championships and is not a vital member of the Bulls, a player whose success has more to do with his energy and desire to win than his skill level.

He is a great model for what happens in life when you love what you do, because to him no one matters – he is that in love with the game of basketball…He is wealthy, basketball is not about the money, its about him wanting to be the best.

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