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Is it LeBron James’ Talent or Work Ethic?

LeBron James is an athletic freak. There are not many people walking around this earth with his combination of size, speed, strength and explosiveness. It is easy, then, to assume his success is due to his innate qualities.

However, like all great players, LeBron James works hard to be great.

“He puts more time in than most anybody in the league, in my opinion,” Cleveland Head Coach Mike Brown said. “That right there is a guy that understands if I’m going to be the greatest ever, I can’t take a day off, a play off.”

It’s not just time. However, James utilizes the Cavaliers’ shooting coach Chris Jent.

Most of James’ trips to the gym include Jent. The two have spent countless hours together honing James’ game, in particular his shooting. “LeBron is so focused right now and obviously so focused for that game that I think it’s easy for him to get into that mode,” Jent said.

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