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Breakfast of Champions

Alright, the Hoosiers are not champions yet, but Head Coach Tom Crean and strength coach Jeff Watkinson have the Indiana University men’s basketball team training like champions.

Watkinson emphasizes breakfast with the players, as many college players have terrible nutritional habits.

The team frequently congregates in the morning for some team grub – part team building, part feast.

“It is that important,” Watkinson said. “If we’re going to have good practices, which is the most important thing for this team right now, getting better every day, then we have to do breakfast.”

Why is eating so important?

In his junior year, Calloway slacked on his nutrition, not making the right choices and not consuming nearly enough calories to put on any weight with the team’s intense workout schedule.

But during his senior season, the lightning-quick guard began to buy into what Watkinson preached.

Although he played in 29 games both his junior and senior years, Calloway played 248 more minutes his final season, a partial testament to his improved eating.

“Every morning, there would be Earl walking into the gym with a big bowl of oatmeal,” Watkinson said. “It took him time to realize that what we’re telling him, he needs to do.”

During the season, a player breaks down his body continually. Without the proper rest and nutrition, his body is never prepared to perform at its best, as it is always in a state of catch-up. Fatigue during the season is not a symptom of poor conditioning, in most cases, but inadequate rest and nutrition.

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