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Brandon Roy Explains his Path to Improvement

In the February 9, 2009 Sports Illustrated, Ian Thomsen profiles Brandon Roy in an article titled “Young Star, Old Soul.” Roy explains the next step for his development:

“I need to make some mistakes…I need to make that tight pass, because I’m always trying to make the right pass. Even this year, I’ve learned to shoot shots I wouldn’t shoot in the past. Let go a little bit, don’t try to play so under control. And I think that’s where my potential lies – taking more risks, trying to play with more flair and having more fun out there.”

A lot of players worry too much about making mistakes and need to learn when and how to take chances and be more aggressive. That does not mean to play carelessly or to force things, but sometimes players need to expand their game and make something happen with the ball in their hand, especially when a role player becomes the go-to guy because of graduation or injury.  The learning progression does not happen overnight, and players need to learn and embrace their new role.

Play with some freedom. Concentrate on making plays rather than avoiding mistakes.

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