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Steph Curry and the 24-Hour Athlete

Stephen Curry Sleep and Nutrition

On True Hoop, I found a link to an interview with the trainer for Golden State Warriors’ Steph Curry. When asked about the biggest mistake that NBA players make in their training, Steve Kostorowski answers:

If I could improve two areas in the lives of almost every player it would be recovery and nutrition. Most guys need to spend much more time stretching, foam rolling and getting massages than they do. The quality of tomorrow’s performance begins with the recovery from today’s work.

I would also like to see the quality of calories improve both in and out of season. Many guys think, “Oh, I’ll burn it off in the game.”, which may be true…. but late night, lousy eating takes its toll on the inside and can negatively impact blood pressure, cholesterol levels etc. not to mention adding a few unwanted pounds!

Quality performance begins with quality calories. Oh…and quality sleep.

His answer reflects Vern Gambetta’s 24-Hour Athlete. What an athlete does between workouts or games is as important to his or her development as the workout. An athlete can undo all the benefits of a great 2-hour workout with his or her lifestyle and choices during the other 22 hours of the day.

Unfortunately, because of our hard work ethos, we overlook the importance of stretching, nutrition, sleep, massages and other areas which are not effortful, and most people – especially young athletes – fail to see the connection between sleep and performance or a post-workout stretch and foam roll and tomorrow’s performance.

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