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Why Bad Shooting Days Happen to Good Shooters

Watching games over the weekend, it is as if players miss shots on purpose. Good shooters take bad shots and miss, and they think it is their form, and this self-doubt creates a shooting slump.

Many missed shots occurred because players shot with poor balance.They rushed their shot or they worried too much about the defense and leaned backward or they never got to a zero-point for jumping for the shot when catching on the move.

If players work harder to take better shots and concentrate on their balance before starting their shot mechanics, they will shoot a higher percentage. for otherwise good shooters, lack of balance must have contributed to 70% of the missed jump shots that I saw over the weekend in NBA and NCAA games.

This does not mean they are bad shooters who should worry about their technique. Instead, they are lazy shooters with poor shot selection. Either work harder to get open and on-balance or pass the ball and work to get open again. Throwing up off-balanced shots – for the vast majority of players (Kobe Bryant and others excepted) – is like a turnover.

Work harder before the shot to have more success shooting the basketball.

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