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The Steve Nash Diet

On twitter (follow me @brianmccormick), Steve Nash linked to his diet on facebook. Supposedly Jared Dudley asked Grant Hill and Steve Nash for advice on longevity, and now the Steve Nash Diet is a fad racing across America.

His advice is fairly self-explanatory and nothing extraordinary:

  • Breakfast. Gluten and wheat free cereal, sliced almonds and almond or rice milk. (If you don’t have the sensitivities I have look for a high fiber cereal. At least 4 grams of fiber.) I will also have a whole fruit smoothie or an apple, banana or orange. Green tea.
  • Lunch. A salad with grilled chicken or fish, vegetables, raw nuts and dried fruit. I will also have fruit afterwards.
  • Dinner. Grilled or baked fish or chicken with vegetables. Sometimes I’ll have brown rice.
  • Again, plan ahead. If you get hungry between meals have a plan… My snack foods are dried fruit, whole almonds or whole cashews. All natural, raw foods energy bars. Raw vegetables like carrots and celery. Whole fruit or whole fruit smoothies.

He does offer a couple good nuggets of unusual information and advice:

  • If you feel like you need electrolytes coconut water has the highest concentration of electrolytes.
  • I feel if your diet is consistent and well balanced (think long term rather than short term) it isn’t so important what you eat right before you play or the night before because your energy levels and recovery will be on target from the quality of your previous three to seven days of meals.
  • I feel there are two areas of life that are greatly overlooked, misunderstood or not credited with their importance in our ability to reach our optimal levels of performance and also our greatest quality of everyday life. Diet and sleep.
  • I believe that eating six smaller meals a day is more healthful than eating three larger meals a day.
  • When we’re traveling the snack foods can be extremely important to take with because you often will get stuck at a restaurant or hotel without good options.
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