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Success Stories

Success Stories


We met Brian when he ran a Nike camp in Elk Grove (2005).  This Nike camp was right after a camp we attended at the University of Kentucky.  At that camp, there was a demonstration of ball handling and driving drills that the players at Modesto Christian used.  The demonstration scared me (and other parents too) as Derek had never been exposed to such drills and was not very strong with his weak hand and that point).  Brian ran drills that were similar which stressed both right and left hand, offensive moves, and different finishes at the basket.  I’ve been to many camps, and Brian had the only camp which emphasised and reinforced this all week.  He also coached players on the drills and helped them with their footwork.  I felt that I finally found someone that Derek could work with to get the skills he needed.

Brian is relentless with fundamentals.  He makes sure there is proper balance, proper footwork, proper form.  It’s not about conditioning or getting through a workout, it’s about doing things properly.  At a young age, this is more important to me as a parent then getting a good sweat.

Brian is old school and a stickler for fundamentals.  If that means the whole session is used to do proper form on a shot for instance, then that is what Brian will work on.  He will not move on just to complete a workout – he’s more concerned about doing things correctly.  Also, Brian is very patient and realizes that these findamentals are developed over time, so he doesn’t exert undo pressure if everything isn’t perfect.

Growing up, my child is progressing physically independent of basketball.  What’s nice, is that Brian is helping Derek progress with this natural progression.  For example, as he grows stronger, he is able to shoot the ball higher.  Brian is helping to ensure that Derek learns to shoot properly with the ball higher and remain balanced and footwork, etc.  Same thing with drives to the basket and also inside (post) play.

I do see incremental improvement.  I also see what is expected at the high school level from the best teams in northern California.  In addtion, I watch the fundamentals I see from other players his age.  I think Derek is progressing well and he also can see the improvements he is making.  In addition, Derek realizes how much work is involved to maintain and improve his game.

From a very early age, Derek has been what I call a “gamer.”  He would often goof off in practice or not give his all, only to excel during games.  Working under Brian, Derek has changed and is very dedicated in his workouts with Brian.  He is also beginning to show that he can be dedicated in working out on his own. Derek is still young, as he is just starting the 7th grade.  I feel that the advice Brian is giving Derek on the mental aspects of the game will sink in as Derek matures.

William Wrenn, Parent


Ryan started using Brian a few years ago…his attention to detail and advanced training techniques set him apart…he has gone from a pretty good player to a D1 prospect while

training with Brian…Brian has everything a player could need; the only variable is the dedication of the player.

Jerry Sypkens, Parent

After the first workout i realised Brian’s techinical knowledge was extremely high and was very confident he could improve my game, especially with the physical and technical deficiencies in my game which had been affecting me.

I trained with Brian for 5 months I felt my performance and confidence progress a great deal. I was more of a defensive stopper and Brian helped to improve my defence further particularly foot speed and change of direction. He also helped me become more of a threat on the offensive end with his ability to help alter my footwork and mechanics and applying it to game situations.

I can definitely feel the difference in real games. Brian’s basketball specific workouts really helped prepare me for game situations be it with catch and release on my jump shot or gettin to the rim. Brian’s workouts helped me become more aggressive on the offensive end and being able to put pressure on the defender going left and right.

Training with Brian has been beneficial to me as his workouts gave me confidence and a sharpness to take to the court in real game situations. His knowledge of basketball makes it possible for me to be able to come out on top in any one-on-one situation on both the offensive and defensive end.

Niall Meany, UCD Marian Player


We met Brian McCormick years ago through my Daughter’s first elite Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) basketball coach.  Brian came highly recommended and would conduct team workouts to focus on certain aspects of the game be it ball handling, post play, etc.  His knowledge was critical as both the AAU coach and my Daughter were relatively new to this level of competition.

Throughout the years we began seeking Brian out for individual workouts and have attended and recommended his camps, workshops, etc. to many players.  My oldest Daughter has had her share of elite AAU coaches and personal trainers but to date there is none that compare to Brian.  His no nonsense approach to the game of basketball, his technical expertise, and his integrity are unparalleled.  There is no false pretense with Brian and in a very competitive arena this attribute is what sets him apart from all others.

Parent and player alike will agree that Brian requires hard work and isn’t going to appease anyone-rather he’s going to tell it like it is.  His motto holds true and is something we still refer to regardless of the sport.

My oldest Daughter plays multiple varsity sports and as a junior in high school is a third-year varsity basketball player.  I’ve seen some potentially great players fall by the way side for a variety of reasons (little improvement, burn out, parental pressure, etc.) his advise has not only helped her game on the court but has helped both her and I mentally prepare for the choices ahead.

Windy C. Bouldin (Parent)


I have worked with Professional Basketball Trainer Brian McCormick since my sophomore year of high school, in 2002.  Unlike other trainers, Brian provides individualized workouts that target specfic areas according to each player’s needs.  Once I discovered I would be playing basketball at the collegiate level, Brian helped me take my skills and abilities to the next stage.  Through intense ball-handling exercises, one-on-one game-like situations, and speed and agility drills, he prepared me to play college basketball where the competition is stronger, quicker, and more athletic.  To this day, during games I execute the moves and strategies Brian taught me, both offensively and defensively.  Brian McCormick has truly allowed me to realize my potential and I would strongly reccomend him to anyone who wants to be a better basketball player.

Kristin Wong

Women’s Varsity Basketball Player and ’07-’08 Team Captain

Pomona College

Claremont, California


I shot 29% from 3-point range my senior year of high school. But after learning the proper shooting mechanics and spending hours upon hours working on drills given to me by Coach Brian McCormick, 4 years later I broke my college’s all-time 3-point record while shooting a career 40%.

I would not have had the success I did at the collegiate level without having trainied with Coach Brian McCormick.

I’ve been to over 4 professional tryouts and have been worked out by highly respected basketball teachers, and Coach McCormick’s individual wokouts are as good as any.

Few basketball coaches can actually “teach” the fundamentals like Coach McCormick.

I went from averaging 8 points per game as a senior in high school to avergaging 22 points per game my sophmore year of college. Coach McCormick’s workouts and drills played a key role in my vast improvement.

Coach McCormick has the most creative and innovative ball-handling drills I’ve seen at any level.

Matt Glynn, Player

University of Puget Sound

DIII All American


He pushes you and will make you a better player I know this from experience because he taught me a lot of things about the fundamentals.

Since the eighth grade. About five years.

Yeah, he knows when to be your friend and when to push you. He taught me a lot about the fundamentals.

Yeah, he taught me a bunch of moves under the basket in the post.

Because I can see it in my game and how I’ve improved.

Destini Bouldin, Player


I first came into contact with Brian when I did an online search for up-tempo basketball articles. Brian was nice enough to answer a question of mine via email. We have stayed in touch ever since. I think what sets Brian apart from other basketball trainers is his passion to TEACH. Most trainers I have experienced don’t teach, they just yell. From a philosophical standpoint, Brian believes in letting kids play. His analogy to the Brazilian soccer teams theme, “Joga Bonito” or “play beautiful.” , is so apropos. We love to praise Steve Nash, yet our current system stifles creativity! I like this most of all about Brian and his teaching. His book, Cross Over The New Model of Youth Basketball Development, has become a model for my lower level player development.

John Harmatuk

Head Basketball Coach

Cypress Springs H.S. Houston, Texas