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Strengthening the Feet to Improve Performance

I hesitate to add this video because parts of it are so bad and so unrelated to sports (high heels?), but there are some nuggets, including some exercises and a little bit of the explanation behind the science.

I have been to Gavin’s gym and learned some things from him, and if you have followed my writing over the years, you know that I believe strongly in the importance of the foot to an athlete, as the feet are the most overlooked body part in training (with the hips a close second).

Also, notice the barefoot training. I train clients in a big gym and my boss said that her biggest pet peeve is people without proper athletic shoes lifting weights or using the machines, so she frowned on the idea of training clients in their barefoot, and many clients do not like to go barefoot. However, when I work with athletes in my own setting, I prefer barefoot training. As a coach, it helps me to evaluate, as I can see how the foot reacts. As an athlete, it helps the player learn to feel the difference in the way his foot contacts the ground, as well as developing stronger and more stable feet.

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