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Strength Training for Basketball

The University of Texas  is one ofthe top universities in the country for developing college players into NBA players, and strength & conditioning coach Todd Wright is one of the main reasons.

“He took a different approach,” says LaMarcus Aldridge, who played two seasons at Texas before joining the Portland Trail Blazers of the NBA. “He had a plan that wasn’t like any other weight training. He looks at feet. Feet. Hips. Everything. It shows that he knows how the human body works.”

Training is not just about developing muscles. It is improving strength through movement. If you cannot apply your new strength to your play, you have not accomplished anything. Everything in your body is connected when you move, when you stop, when you jump – that is why isolated weight training exercises have limited value.

Gray helped Wright understand a concept that became the foundation of strength and conditioning training at Texas: that everything is connected.

“Nose to toes,” Gray says. “If the feet aren’t working, the hips aren’t working. If the hips aren’t working, the shoulders aren’t working.”

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