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Streetball to Fundamentals to Division I

University of Houston’s Aubrey Coleman burst on the scene despite not even registering on the scouting lists. He’s currently averaging 18.4ppg, and his coach credits his work ethic:

“Aubrey might be the hardest-working player I’ve ever coached,” said UH coach Tom Penders. “Whenever he gets extra time he goes to the gym and works on his game. Sure he has talent, but this kid is always working to get better.”

Coleman missed some time in high school and never registered on the scouting lists or played in the elite all-star games. However, he taught himself the fundamentals.

“I figured I had to learn the game myself,” he said. “Nobody ever taught me fundamentals or anything. I played a lot of streetball, but I taught myself the fundamentals by going into the gym and working on it.

“I stayed in the gym.”

A true self-made player, he credits his own effort and drive.

“One thing I’ve learned is that you’re not given anything. It’s all about the work you put in, so I’ll never stop working.”

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