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Shooting as Basketball’s Most Exclusive Skill

Chris Ballard makes the argument in The Art of a Beautiful Game that pure shooting is the game’s rarest skill.

As I assisted a college program with their recruiting this season and watched more games than usual, it is hard to find a great shooter. On the girl’s side, it is easy to find a quick guard or a 6’0 forward or even a 6’3 post. However, finding a great shooter is very difficult.

If you think about Ballard’s argument, there are generally 2-5 180 Shooters each season in the NBA (even fewer if you go by the more difficult 90/50/40 designation). However, how many NBA guys can sky for slam dunks? Expert shooting is a rarer skill than the extreme athleticism illustrated by players like Josh Smith, Nate Robinson, LeBron James and others.

At every camp that I attended, coaches told the players that if we could defend, we could make the team. If you are an expert shooter, you can make the team.

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