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Recruiting Thoughts

I spent last week talking with former college basketball coaches and yesterday spoke with a current assistant coach. It’s interesting to see the disconnect between what kids and their parents think and what college coaches evaluate.

In an ESPN article about a former Boston College safety, it states:

College coaches crave talent and desire. But when there’s a hunger to learn that transcends rote memorization, there’s the possibility for something special. Lempa says the best part of Glasper’s game doesn’t show up on tape.

“Ryan made himself into a player,” Lempa says.

Sure, it’s football, not basketball. But, the idea is the same. It’s more than just pure talent or demonstrated skill sets.

The great players – and, make no mistake, players who play Division I basketball are great, as less than 3% of high school players make it – have something extra mentally. They don’t just want to be great because everyone wants to be great. They make it happen through their hunger, desire, passion and work ethic.

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