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Negative Coaching in the NBA

Apparently NBA players do not like negative coaching, though the perception is that NBA players need a coach yelling and screaming to motivate them because they are all inherently selfish, lazy players (note the sarcasm).

After Washington’s disastrous defeat to the Trailblazers, Gilbert Arenas criticized this coaching. Now, take everything with a grain of salt, as Agent Zero is known for his outlandish comments, and he did play his worst game of the year. However, he said:

It’s easy to lose focus when you you’re just drilling us that if we make a mistake we’re going to be coming out. Truthfully, that’s how you lose concentration. You lose focus because you’re scared to actually play basketball.

Now, if an NBA All-Star with the cajones to bet 20G’s he could out-shoot his teammate using only one hand and to predict he’d drop 50 points on Phoenix and Portland just because their coaches were assistants on Team USA, imagine how a 10-year-old or a high school player feels when his coach makes similar comments or actions.

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