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Mindless Training vs. Performance Training

In a recent Hard2Guard Player Development Newsletter, I wrote about Gavin MacMillan and his unique training methods. MacMillan originally partnered with Marv Marinovich and they still have some similarities.

As UFC Lightweight Champion B.J. Penn prepares for his championship fight tonight, he credits Marinovich for his improved conditioning:

“You know Marv is just, he’s on a different level,” said Penn. “Everybody, every other trainer that is out there, they’re doing the same stuff. They make you, they give you a couple of stations and they make you do it for five minutes and it’s just, it overtrains you. As you start to move through the training camp, you start to get tired. You start to get injured. You know they have you lifting weights, which slows you down. They have you doing all of these other things.

“And it’s mindless stuff. You close your eyes and do all of that stuff, you know what I mean. So it takes no brain power to do any of the other workouts. And that’s what’s good about Marv, everything you do is you’re working the left side and the right side of your brain. You have to think and you have to use your balance and you have to do all of these different workouts. And Marv’s exercises are based on performance and it’s hard for me to sit here and explain it but I honestly believe in my personal opinion that it’s head-over-heels above everything else out there.”

Are you just training like everyone else? Are you just turning up the music and trying to get through the workout? Are you over-training? Are you training in a way to improve your performance?

Here are a couple clips of Marinovich’s training:

One more:

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