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Miguel Torres on his Trainers

Miguel Torres is the former WEC Bantamweight Champion who lost to Brian Bowles in one of the biggest MMA upsets of 2009. As he prepares for his next fight, he spoke about his former trainers, and complacency:

“I’ve used the same training partners for 11 or 12 years, and I haven’t brought any of them back for this fight,” Torres told the Las Vegas Sun. “What ended up happening was I wasn’t getting cocky, they got cocky. They would say, ‘Oh, you’re going to kill this guy. He’s only got seven fights.'”

“The guys I had coaching me were there just to give me water and talk my face off. They weren’t giving me anything I could use. Looking back, I can see there were a lot of things off. But I was in a bubble at the time and couldn’t see it.”

In Hard2Guard Player Development Newsletter 4.3 last week, I wrote about a client who stopped training with me after I gave him my honest critique of his ability and his needs to reach his goal. He insisted that he knew better based off of one game against one future Division I player and listened to various club coaches who promised scholarships and free shoes. He has yet to reach his ultimate goal.

Basketball is a business, and many people – trainers, coaches, scouts, etc – will tell you what you want to hear to keep you paying their bills. However, these are not the people who will make you better and help you reach your goals.

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