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Michael Crabtree and Multilateral Development

Texas Tech’s Michael Crabtree may finish the 2008 NCAA college football season as the Heisman Trophy winner. He’s certainly considered college football’s premier wide receiver. Those who know him credit his sport participation outside football for his on field excellence.

Prod Texas Tech coach Mike Leach to say what makes Crabtree such a prodigious receiving talent, and he responds with a curious answer for a football coach: “He has a great sense of space…and the coach thinks the player developed his keen sense of surroundings on the basketball court.

According to the article, Crabtree told Bobby Knight he would be all-Big 12 if he played hoops.

Crabtree’s cousin David Wells believes the receiver’s greatness is rooted not in hoops but in boxing. Sparring taught Crabtree what his body could do…”Training like a boxer really worked on Michael’s reflexes,” Wells says. “He worked on his hand-eye coordination and was constantly working with his body, always having to figure out how to counter everything, how to change angles.”

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