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Lessons with Ricky Rubio

DKV Joventut’s Ricky Rubio is a potential top 3 pick in the 2009 NBA Draft. In this clip, he illustrates a couple things which make him a special point guard, playmaker and ball handler.

At :26, Rubio finishes with a running hook on the right side, a finish guards need to develop to finish over bigger defenders.
At :36, Rubio splits the trap on a pick-and-roll in the left corner. He uses a slight hesitation and brings the ball high in his left hand to get the screener’s defender slightly out of position and then crosses over low and through the trap.
At :52, he attacks with the inside hand in transition.
At 1:33, he shows an in-n-out move out of an on-ball screen to create a driving angle.

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