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Kevin Durant’s Work Ethic

ESPN’s Justin Verrier has a nice article about Kevin Durant and his mother’s influence.

“When I was younger I would have good games,” Durant said. “I would come home to my friends and brag and boast, but she always told me to be humble because all the stuff could be taken away from me.”

That advice led to his work ethic:

“After practice I just try to get in as much work as I can,” Durant said. “That’s why I think I’ve gotten so much better throughout the season: I always put in work after practice. My mom always told me to be like that.”

When practice ends, are you the first one out the door? Do you put in more time to master the skills learned in practice? Are you the first one in the weight room to work on your body and athleticism? Do you push yourself or do you wait for the coach to yell at you to work harder?

Practice in Proportion to your Aspirations.

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