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Jrue Holiday’s Agility and Shooting Workout

The following video shows UCLA’s Jrue Holiday working out for the Sacramento Kings. For those hoping to get drafted, these are the type of drills and test that players do in a pre-draft workout.

At :36, Holiday does a standard box agility test where he shuffles, sprints and backpedals around the cones. This is one of the popular agility tests because it is easy to measure and therefore compare times between players.

NBA players prepare specifically for such a test. However, the transfer to improved game performance is limited because it is a static test, while games are a dynamic environment. Unfortunately, it is hard to measure and compare dynamic tests, so teams settle for static tests. As a training tool, however, you want to create more randomization and reaction into your agility training.

At 1:07, he does a standard two-spot shooting drill, shooting off the curl and then off a flare. At about 1:54, he moves to one-dribble pull-up jump shots. Holiday’s shot tends to be a little flat, but he has good elevation and balance on his shot: he almost always lands just in front of where he jumps from and his body almost never twists in the air. His footwork is very good, as he uses an inside foot on each shot off the dribble and uses his footwork to create the balanced position for his shot. If he shoots a little earlier in his jump, especially for the deeper jumpers, he would add a little arc and probably have a little more success. However, his shot technique is far from a 30% outside shooter or whatever he shot last season at UCLA.

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