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Can Maya Moore Excel in Men’s College Basketball?

Since the UConn vs Stanford National Championship game, I have read many numerous silly posts, so I finally had to write something. While many writers found the game as justification to ignore women’s basketball completely, I have argued the other way: I think Maya Moore is skilled and athletic enough to play men’s Division I college basketball. Why?

She possesses the vertical jump (which is a measure of lower body power) and quickness (of a rattlesnake) to complete athletically, while her skill set is unquestioned. She can shoot off the dribble or off the catch and is comfortable off a jump stop or a step-in with either foot. Most importantly, she has a great work ethic and tremendous competitiveness.

Obviously there would be an adjustment in the speed of the game and finishing would be more difficult against male players playing above the rim, but plenty of male players face the same adjustments when moving from high school to college basketball. I think that Moore possesses the type of athleticism, basketball I.Q. and skill that would allow her to be a low to mid-major shooting guard.

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