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Day 365. Deliberate practice, which is the reason that we seek individual coaching, should focus on a specific goal, and once that goal is accomplished, the trainer and players need to define a new goal or potentially move on.

Day 364. Development takes time, and each player’s development takes a different amount of time..

Day 363. Deliberate practice does not mean individual practice; to get the most out of deliberate practice, we need the context of the game

Day 362. If players today do not understand the difference between criticism and instruction, as suggested by a popular Twitter account, that is more a reflection on coaches, than on the players. Coaches (and parents) need to do a better job with instruction.

Day 361. It is convenient to generalize between predictable environments such as a chess board and unpredictable environments, such as a basketball game, because it is hard to study unpredictable environments. There are too many variables to control for a proper study. However, despite its convenience, the conclusions in one environment do to necessarily generalize or transfer to a different context.

Day 360. The repetitive hop for distance is my favorite exercise for evaluating players and producing performance. If I was reduced to one exercise, this might be that one exercise for me. Based on questions after this video: Day 350 Predictive ability of the repeat hop for distance

Day 359. The context between 5v0 and 5v5 practice changes, and this change creates different mental representations in a player’s long-term memory. To remember a play, players need to practice 5v5, not 5v0.

Day 358. The problem is not that children have never been yelled at; the problem is that we feel that we need to yell at children in order to coach. Is there not a better way to communicate?

Day 357. Coaching beginners is difficult because the tendency is to want to correct everything and give instruction because, as beginners, players don’t really know anything. However, children need time to learn through trial and error.

Day 356. Play is vitally important to the development of young children.

Day 355. College coaches continue to embarrass themselves with their comments about today’s generation. There may be some fragility with teenagers moving to adulthood, but it has nothing to do with participation trophies, and children today certainly are yelled at by coaches and parents. In fact, that’s the most consistent thing about youth sports today: The yelling and screaming and other negative behaviors.

Day 354. When I read the tweets of coaches, I often wonder why they coach. So many coaches seem to have such a low opinion of this generation. Coaches appear to be adversaries with their own teams, rather than a team working toward a singular goal.

Day 353. Track & Field athletes have few full repetitions of their event in a practice, despite some events being very technical. In basketball, repetitions are king. Is there something to the practice of specific drills to improve technique as opposed to going through more and more repetitions of the same thing?

Day 352. In my experience, not enough speed work is done with basketball players, and the physiological adaptations of speed work will benefit basketball players despite the lack of true max velocity sprinting in basketball games.