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Basketball Training is Self-Training

I saw this on a blog about getting an inexpensive college degree:

3. Recognize that all education (including higher education) is fundamentally self-education. Teachers, professors, and advisers can help guide your learning, but it’s always ultimately your responsibility to learn the material. If you’re capable of succeeding after graduating from a highly-selective private college, you’re capable of succeeding after graduating from a state college / community college / online program – or without graduating at all. In the words of Jeffrey Pfeffer, professor of organizational behavior at Stanford, “If you are good enough to get in, you obviously have enough talent to do well, regardless.”

Is all basketball practice essentially self-practice? Yes.

Coaches can guide the practice, but the player must do the work. Coaches cannot make a player better, just like a teacher cannot make a student read.

The best product or best book or best trainer or best coach can only guide the process. The player has to do the work and make use of the instruction, guidance, drills and practice.

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