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Basketball Skills with Brandon Roy

In the February 9, 2009 Sports Illustrated, Ian Thomsen profiles Brandon Roy in an article titled “Young Star, Old Soul.” Different players describe Roy’s genius, which offers advice for young players. Steve Blake says:

“He’s always on balance, so if someone reaches in, he’s able to spin and he’s not falling over…then he sees the next guy coming and he just goes into another move.”

Blake mentions his balance. Chris Paul has another take:

“He goes in straight lines…Anybody who knows basketball knows if you go around a guy, you need to go right by him. He takes a minimal amount of steps, and then he’s at the rim. He uses his right hand and his left hand equally, and if he has to get that burst to dunk on you, he will.”

I worked with a good player this week, and the focus was to minimize his steps and become a more efficient player in an effort to increase his quickness with the ball.

Balance, movement efficiency and straight lines: one does not have to be super athletic to do these things, but they will make you a more effective player.

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