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Basketball BC: Ball Handling Drills

This weekend, I spoke at the Basketball British Columbia SuperConference. One of my presentations was teaching ball handling to young players. Below are a couple videos that incorporate some of the drills that I used in the presentation.

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Crossover and Finish

One-Dribble Around-the-Back
I showed the One-Dribble Crossover Drill. This is the same drill with a different move. As I mentioned, I differentiate between the around-the-back dribble (shown here) and a behind-the-back dribble (below).

Scissors Pass
I mentioned using double-move drills to develop better ball control and confidence. This is an example of another drill that I use that I did not show.

Two-Ball Through-the-Legs Zigzag
At the clinic, we demonstrated the Two-Ball Around-the-Back Zigzag. This drill would be the next progression.

Behind-the-Back Hesitation In-n-Out
When asked about hesitation moves, I demonstrated a behind-the-back-hesitation-in-n-out. This is a different move based on the same idea, and also shows the behind-the-back dribble, as opposed to the around-the-back dribble.

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