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Brian McCormick Biography and Background

Brian McCormick Biography & Background

Brian McCormick and is the Performance Director of TrainForHoops.

He has traveled the world coaching and training players (from professionals to grade schoolers) to reach their full potential and maximize their abilities for over 10 years.

Some of the techniques and strategies he now teaches came naturally to him when he first started training & coaching players and many of the things he has learned over the span of 10 years by literally working with coaches & trainers he admired and studying research based knowledge of improving athletic performance and its practical application.

The rest has simply come from the “school of hard knocks” experience out there in the real-world of training & coaching players to be their best. According to Brian, experience has been his best teacher.

Brian is a certified Personal Enhancement Specialist by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Strength & Conditioning Specialist by the National Strength Training Association, a Masters in Sports Coaching from the United States Sports Academy, and has coached and trained professionals all the way down to grade schoolers. He has had the privilege to work with some of the best coaches and trainers from the around the world, while building the practical knowledge of what it really takes to increase a player’s overall basketball performance.

[table here of all the teams, coaches, and trainers brian’s worked with]

Over 600 coaches and players from all over the world have come to rely on Brian to train, teach, and share his basketball knowledge with them.
Many of them have since gone on to league, section, state titles, and college basketball opportunities. All of them have enjoined the satisfaction of knowing that they put in the maximum effort to reach their full potential while pursuing their goals.

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