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3-Point Shooting and Leg Strength

In a December issue of my Hard2Guard Player Development Newsletters, I wrote about the importance of leg strength with the new college three-point line. Several college television analysts had commented on its effects on different shooters, and I argued that those who use the least amount of leg power in their shots would be most affected. Rather than changing one’s shooting approach, I instead recommended strengthening one’s lower body.

In the Sunday L.A. Times, UCLA’s sharpshooter Mike Roll echoed the same opinion:

Roll credits increased shooting in practice as well as an off-season conversation he had with former Duke star J.J. Redick, who told him to focus on strengthening his legs.

That translated into a new kind of workout, running up and down a giant sand dune in Manhattan Beach.

When I rowed at UCLA, I ran the famous sand dunes. They are tough. I have heard stories of NFL players not making it all the way up the hill. The video shows people walking up the hill: we did sets of three sprints up the hill/walk down.

As I wrote earlier this week, one positive effect of Roll’s workouts is his balance, so he takes good shots:

Howland has noticed the difference.

“He’s got more balance,” the coach said. “It’s just easier to shoot the stronger you are.”

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